England vs. Slovenia  1 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +6 V. Birsa gets yellow.
Slovenia try to push forward on one final attack as they desperately try to find a way back into the game with what should be their final attacking move. They're unable to carve out a chance on goal though, and Birsa ends up receiving a yellow card for a late challenge on Henderson.
90' +4 H. Kane has scored a goal for England! Assist by K. Walker.
That really was an excellent cross from Walker deep down the right wing. He hasn't had much joy this evening but he certainly impressed when his side needed him the most.
GOAL! England have scored a late, lat winner! Walker regains possession and darts down the right wing before firing a terrific cross into the middle of the penalty area. Kane sticks out a foot and manages to get a toe on the ball to poke it past Oblak and just over the line.
90' +3 Walker unleashes a thumping low strike from 20 yards out after he finds himself in a pocket of space, but his effort is hit too near to Oblak and the goalkeeper is easily able to save the shot.
90' +2 And now Lingard is able to get a shot away from just inside the box after good play from Rashford over on the right, but the substitute rushes his first-time strike and sends the effort sailing away from danger.
90' +1 A deflected shot from Kane on the edge of the Slovenia penalty area momentarily causes problems for Oblak as it trundles towards the far post, but the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper does well to readjust his feet quickly and collect the ball.
90' The fourth official has indiciated that there will be six minutes of added time.
88' Verbic manages to get the better of Stones as he cuts inside from the left flank. He then mananges to get a shot away from the edge of the box, but it's completely overhit and flies high and wide of its intended target.
86' Aljaž Struna gets yellow.
England pile bodies forward before a poor challenge from Struna results in a yellow card and a free-kick for the hosts. It's fired into the middle of the penalty area and towards a group of white shirts, but no one can get a shot away and Slovenia comfortably hold on once again.
85' M. Keane enters the game and replaces R. Sterling.
England will play with a three-man defence for the remainder of the game, as Sterling has made way for Michael Keane.
84' Brave goalkeeping by Hart! Matavz darts through the England defence and into the box as he tries to latch onto a lovely pass forward, but Hart is there to reach the ball first before saving Struna's quick follow-up.